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Upcoming book on group-focused enmity

29492_1_org_pastinaken_rausI’m happy to announce an upcoming volume edited by Matthias Weinzierl and me as part of the exhibition project “Pastinaken raus!”. In this anthology, we will investigate group-focused enmity in Germany. It will be published in March 2016 and will contain articles by and interviews with Mehmet Daimagüler, Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann, Markus End, Lothar Galow-Bergemann, Tobias Jaecker, Klaus Jetz, Juliane Karakayali, Grada Kilomba, Ismail Küpeli, Rebecca Maskos, Michaela Melián, Markus Mersault, Astrid Messerschmidt, Angelika Ngyuen, Zara Pfeiffer, Jan Riebe, Birgit Rommelspacher, Veit Schwab, Lucius Teidelbaum, and Volker Weiß. For soft copies, please send me message.


Cool Istanbul: Urban Enclosures and Resistances

9783837627633_216x1000I have assisted editing Cool Istanbul: Urban Enclosures and Resistances (ed. by Derya Özkan, Transcript, to be published in Nov 2014).

The book investigates the “cool city” phenomenon with an empirical focus on Istanbul. It approaches “cool Istanbul” not only as a consumable brand but also as a socially produced and politically performed phenomenon. The contributions draw attention to the significance of thinking production, consumption and performance of cities in relation to their imagination, and trigger critical questions beyond disciplinary academic boundaries.

The volume is an output of the DFG Emmy Noether research project Changing Imaginations of Istanbul. From ‘Oriental’ to the ‘Cool’ City, based at the Institute of European Ethnology, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.